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Police Federation Booking Form 2019/2020



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Welcome to the Overnight Hotel Reservation enquiry form for the National Council Meetings - 2019/2020

2020 National Council Meetings - 2 meetings will be held throughout 2020.

Please select the dates that you wish to attend:

NC Meeting – 11th/12th March 2020 – Apex Bath Hotel - Bath, Bed & Breakfast - £115.00 pppn
NC Meeting – 1st/2nd July 2020 – Crowne Plaza Newcastle, Bed & Breakfast - £119.00 pppn

10th March 2020 – Apex Bath Hotel –Bath, Bed & Breakfast - £115.00 pppn

30th June 2020 – Crowne Plaza Newcastle Bed & Breakfast - £119.00 pppn *pppn refers to per person per night

Please list any additional requirements e.g. dietary, extra nights etc.
Please note: Only one night will be booked per event unless night prior selected or specified below.

Please note that if you have requested any additional accommodation, this will be invoiced separately and a payment link will be forwarded to you.

Please note that a separate form must be completed for each individual booking.

Calculated Total Price: £


Please note our booking terms and refund policy:

Please note that all hotels have different room release dates.

This means they release all rooms being held for Polfed, that do not have confirmed bookings against them. Please take note that after the date specified, any further booking requests will be subject to availability and you will need to request accommodation using the ‘Contact Us‘ form.

Refund Policy: